What Should We Do with Our Doubts? – Ft. Dominic Done

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Aaron Salvato invites pastor and author Dominic Done onto the show to discuss questions about faith and doubt.

Questions asked:

1. What has been your biggest crisis of faith, and how did you overcome it?

2. Growing up in the faith can cause a lot of doubts when you start to grow older because you can feel like your faith isn’t YOURS. How can “Church born Christians” combat these feelings?

3. How should members of the church address so many young people walking away from the faith when they are on their own?

4. When will that difficulty disappear? When will it spontaneously not be difficult to believe in something you can’t see?

5. Is it blasphemous to doubt or wrestle with questions that God IS who He says He is?

6. Is ALL faith good? Is ALL religion relevant?

All this and more in today’s episode!


The GoodLion podcast is a show by Aaron Salvato and Brian Higgins, the founders of CGN’s GoodLion Podcast Network. Each episode, their goal is to ask hard questions, push past easy answers and always look to Jesus, the God who is not safe but is very good. Visit GoodLion.io.

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