The Link: Sharing Faith in a COVID-19 Age, What is Spiritual Thriving, NYC Update & More

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“Sharing Faith in an Age of Coronavirus” Creation Fest UK
“A creative exploration of some of the practical ways we can share faith in our changing world with input from a collection of evangelists from around the world featuring:
Joel Turner, Carl Beech, Olly Ryder, Ben Courson, Nathan Thomas, Patti Height, Nate Gallagher, Chip Messick, Ben Jack, Zeke Rink, Marc Pawson. Our world is changing. Our God has not.”

“What Exactly is Spiritual Thriving?”GoodLion Podcast Network
“Everyone is focused on improving themselves during the COVID-19 crisis, but how does that work spiritually? Most people think of adding a lot of spiritual habits to their daily routine. In this conversation, Aaron and Brian unpack what God really wants out of us and how spiritual thriving is less about doing things for God and more about being with God.”

“Spirit Empowered Preaching + NYC Update” Expositors Collective
“Mike Doyle from Movement Church NYC speaks in Howell, New Jersey, back in September of 2019 about the Divine power source behind our preaching. After his message, there is a brief interview and update recorded on Thursday April 16th about the impact of Covid-19 on New York City and what Movement Church is doing to help through PPE donations. To help out email or visit”

“Sarah Yardley on Living Well During Coronavirus Lockdown“– Plymouth 96.3 FM
“Interview with Sarah Yardley, festival coordinator of Creationfest, on her experiences during the Coronavirus crisis and advice on how to live well during lockdown.”

“An Open Letter to Those Who Divide over Doctrine”Crossway
“Dear Church,
We live in polarized times. Outrage and rancor seem to be simmering all around us, and it’s making it harder to talk across ideological lines.As the church, we have an opportunity to provide an alternative voice of gentleness and sanity in this cultural moment. But sadly, if we’re honest, we often seem to be part of the problem, not the solution.”

“When Should Doctrine Divide, and When Should Unity Prevail?” Christianity Today
“How ‘theological triage’ helps us pick our battles on matters of faith.”

“The Uniqueness of Jesus”Back to Basics
“When we think of Jesus Christ, we must think of Him as unique in the truest sense of the word. The Oxford Dictionary defines unique as having no like, equal, or parallel: one of a kind. In the long history of the human race, Jesus Christ alone authentically fulfills that description.”

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