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“Creation Fest Live Stream Available: August 3-9”Creation Fest UK
“3-9 AUGUST 2019 | Royal Cornwall Events Centre, Wadebridge
A week of music, dancing, thinking, skating, camping and plenty more! Watch Live starting August 3!

“Developing & Deploying Leaders in the Local Church”– Calvary Global Network
“How did Jesus develop ministry leaders? Should all pastors and ministry leaders engage in leadership development? What are the biblical and practical foundations for healthy leadership development in the local church? In this episode of Mission & Methods, Kellen Criswell discusses these important questions with seasoned ministry trainer, Rod Thompson.”

“Can We Trust the Gospels?”Think Biblically
“The Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus claim to be historically accurate–but there are lots of skeptics about the historical reliability of the gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. Join us as Scott interviews Dr. Peter Williams, one of the leading experts in the world on the historical accuracy of the accounts of the life and times of Jesus.”

“What Happens When We Die?” – Solas
“What happens when we die? Are we just worm food? Are our atoms just scattered to the four winds? And doesn’t the same fate, on atheism, await all of humanity—in which case, what difference does it make how we live now? This SHORT ANSWERS video explores arguably one of the most important questions one can ask—and shows why Christianity and Christianity alone offers hope and certainty.”

Speech Impediments, Insecurities And The Holy Spirit”Expositors Collective
“After overcoming a speech impediment, a 3-minute sermon and a sense of insecurity from being “too young” Shawn Stone now has wisdom and experience to share with Mike and Clay about life, ministry, preaching and an ongoing dependence upon the Holy Spirit.”

“5 Reasons to Disentangle Sexuality and Race” The Gospel Coalition
“’You’re on the wrong side of history.’
These words cut Christians seeking to defend orthodox Christian sexual ethics to the heart. The implication is clear: the gay-rights movement is the new civil rights movement. Failing to embrace gay marriage now is like opposing mixed-race marriage then. Christians invoked the Bible to justify their racism then, and they’re using the Bible to justify their homophobia now. Hold your ground on this issue, and you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of history.”

“Abiding in Christ”Back to Basics
“Sometimes we get too busy to seek the Lord. We may read our Bibles a bit each day, but we fail to saturate ourselves in the Word. In times like these, love, joy, peace, and patience are hard to come by. The Lord intends better for His followers.”

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