The Link: Remembering Dr. Norman Leo Geisler, What is the Real Business of the Church, CA Earthquakes & More!

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“Norman Leo Geisler July 21, 1931 – July 1, 2019”
“This is the kind of man God used for nearly 60 years to strengthen the church, which earned him the nickname ‘Stormin’ Norman.'”

“The Aborted Children of Western Civilization’s Famous Writers”The Bridgehead
“…the artists who in so many cases sold their souls to create fleeting beauty and became, as George Bernard Shaw coldly puts it, “half-vampire.” Many of them lived nursing the secret sorrows of who could have been, and perhaps this is what the pro-choice (and Pulitzer Prize-winning) poet Sharon Olds was referring to in her haunting poem The Unborn”

“What Is The Real Business of the Church?” Lead2Serve
“At Lead2Serve Pastor Ed Taylor discusses the value of servant leadership. We recognize the best leaders will always first be the best servants. From Church Planters to Senior Pastors, Sunday School teachers to CEO’s, the wisdom shared will be a great benefit to your life! Pastor Ed is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, in Aurora Colorado.”

“In Photos: California’s Historic Earthquakes, Less Than Two Days Apart”Axios
“Two of the largest earthquakes to hit California in the past two decades took place less than two days apart this week.”

“The Chabad Rebbe Died 25 Years Ago. Here’s How His Movement Has Survived.”Jewish Telegraph Agency
“Twenty-five years later, the redemptive arrival of the Messiah seems even further away, as anti-Semitism raises its head again and fewer Jews than ever are attracted to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish life that Lubavitch espouses. While the campaign for the Moshiach continues, the accompanying frenzy and excitement that was its distinguishing feature in those final years of the Rebbe’s life is largely diminished. It has simply become another slogan of the Lubavitch brand of outreach. But Lubavitch and the Chabad movement has not disappeared. What happened?”

“Episode 54 – Learn From Others, But Be Yourself”Expositors Collective
“Mike sits down with Pastor Richard Cimino for a conversation about learning from others but staying true to the “you” that God made you to be.”

“Bridging the Divide Between the Big Church and the Small Church”
“Church size is often how pastors let other pastors know how they are doing – they are doing well because their church is growing bigger, or their church is struggling, which pastors don’t necessarily want to divulge because their church is still small. BUT WHAT IF WE ARE LOOKING AT THIS ISSUE FROM THE WRONG ANGLE?”

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