The Link: Final Words of Wisdom to Your Children, If God Appeared to Me, I’d Believe in Him, Don’t Miss This Year’s International Conference & More!

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“CGN International Conference Happening Next Week!”
“Same ministry training and biblical instruction focus, but with a slower pace and much more free time, for investing in relationships. This is an annual opportunity for Christ-centered people and churches throughout the world to connect, collaborate and encourage one another.”

“10 What Final Words of Wisdom Would You Leave for Your Children and Grandchildren?” C.S. Lewis Institute
“The C.S Lewis Institute is a nonprofit organization designed to develop disciples who will articulate, defend and live their faith in Christ in personal and public life.”

“If God Appeared to Me, I’d Believe in Him” Solas
“‘If God appeared and did a personal miracle just for me, I’d believe in Him!’ Solas Director Andy Bannister tells the story of an unusual conversation with an atheist friend—and how it led to the question ‘Does God just want us to believe in Him? Or is He looking for something more?’ Check it out in this fascinating episode of Short Answers.”

“Things That Matter: The Pastor as a Contender”
“Today’s culture presents a uniquely intense time to contend for the faith. Pastors Brian Brodersen, Richard Cimino and John Hwang engage in discussion for how pastoral leaders can be properly equipped (and equip their congregation), in order to defend the faith. ‘But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense…’ (1 Peter 3:15).”

“New Study Dramatically Narrows the Search for Advanced Life in the Universe”
“Scientists may need to rethink their estimates for how many planets outside our solar system could host a rich diversity of life.”

“Sunday’s Coming!”Expositors Collective
“Char Brodersen and Mike Neglia have a friendly and thoughtful discussion about preaching that stirs up affections for Jesus.”

“Identity Matters: Sexuality in the Gay Pride Age”World Magazine
“Yuan digs out theological roots: ‘If there’s no God, there’s no essence; identity must be created by each person. And if there’s no essence—only existence—then ethics has no mooring and must also be created.'”

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