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“Real Raisings from the Dead or Fake News?”Christianity Today
“Falsified resurrection stories should not cause us to discount credible miracle accounts.”

“I was Forced Out of My PhD Program Because of My Open Faith in Jesus Christ. Here’s My Story”Free Thinking Ministries
“While as an undergrad at Salt Lake Community College in 1991, I gave a presentation in front of my humanities 101 class arguing Jesus Christ is the Messiah, citing evidence for his resurrection. My professor literally cut me off during my presentation and told me it was over, that I couldn’t proceed. He later informed me that I was no longer welcome in the course because of proselytizing.”

“Good Lion Podcast”GoodLion
“GoodLion began as a dream of Christian Podcasters Aaron Salvato, Brian Higgins, Mike Neglia & Lindsay Kennedy. The idea was simple: what if Jesus-loving content creators joined forces to partner together for Kingdom Work? In 2018 they began to work together towards the goal, and soon after, the team at the Calvary Global Network decided to come alongside them to support the vision.”

“Has science explained everything?”Solas
“Has science explained everything? In this episode of Short Answers, we see why the answer is a resounding “no”, explore why science is an utterly brilliant invention, and discover why science only works in the first place if God exists.”

“Bestselling Author R.O. Kwon On Why She Stopped Believing in God”Relevant Magazine
“In an interview with RELEVANT, Kwon opened up about her departure from Christianity, how writing a novel did and did not help her grieve the process and why she still feels like she loves God, even if she doesn’t believe.”

“Biblical & Practical Spiritual Formation”
“What is the biblical portrait of personal and spiritual maturity? What are the primary historic and contemporary approaches to spiritual formation? How can church leaders help church members cultivate spiritual maturity on a congregational level? Listen in as Dr. Randy Roberts, President and Professor of Christian Spirituality at Western Seminary, discuss these crucial questions, and more.”

“Top 10 Artifacts Show Biblical Exodus Was Real History”Patterns of Evidence
“The Bible’s exodus account is foundational to biblical history, yet viewed as mostly fictional by mainstream scholars. Could this skepticism be the result of looking for the exodus in the wrong time period? This list of ten remarkable pieces of evidence supporting the biblical account suggest the exodus happened centuries earlier than the standard date.”

“If You Can’t Beat the Boys, Play with the Girls”The Stream
“I want to focus on one word, and one word only. That word is fairness. Not gender. Not transgender. Not activism. Not rights. Not perception. Simply fairness. That’s the issue here, and that’s where we need to keep our focus. The question is not why a man identifies as a woman (or vice versa). The question is this: Is it fair for a biological male to compete against biological females?”

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