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“Preaching to Your People”Anchor
“Learning to teach the Bible is a high calling. The First Time Bible Teacher podcast walks through some of the basic principles any Bible teacher needs to know.”

“The Great Commission: All Nations?”A Word in Edgewise
On this edition of the podcast, ‘Exegetically Speaking,’ Dr. Ed Stetzer, dean of the School of Mission, Ministry and Leadership at Wheaton College, discusses the Great Commission (Matt 28.19-20) and what Jesus meant when he sent his disciples to ‘all nations.’ Our phrase ‘all nations’ may not adequately capture the Greek phrase panta ta ethne. Give us seven minutes, and we’ll change the way you think.”

“Questioning Christianity of Livestream”Timothy Keller
“Who’s this for?

Churches – This is a great opportunity to invite people in your community to come with their questions.

Small Groups – Invite friends exploring the claims of Christianity and offer a time to discuss common questions and doubts together as a group.

Individuals – Whether you have questions yourself or you have a friend that has raised questions about Christianity.”

“Nadia Bolz-Weber and the Sexual Revolution We Need”The Gospel Coalition
With recent church sex-abuse scandals, unprecedented numbers of Christian couples living together before marriage, and the #ChurchToo movement, there’s no doubt the church needs reform on sexual issues. But what kind of reform?”

“Seven Types of Atheism: Book Review”Sean McDowell
“If you are interested in the history of ideas or contemporary debates regarding the existence of God, you will thoroughly enjoy John Gray’s new book Seven Types of Atheism. For whatever reason, I expected him to discuss contemporary atheism and possibly even focus on different attitudes and strategies within the ‘New Atheism.'”

“My Cocaine Habit Was Killing My NFL Dreams”Christianity Today
“‘Don’t put the powder in your nose,’ I said as I looked in the mirror. ‘Don’t do it.’ I was sure I could talk myself out of snorting cocaine one more time. My words sounded so real, so genuine.

But just like that, I saw my image disappear from the mirror as I bent down and took another hit off the table. It was an awful high. The chemicals of the cocaine laced through my body at the same time they battled against the guilt in my conscience. I would yell at myself, ‘What are you doing?’”

“An Instagram-Worthy Bible Aimed at Millennials”The Washington Post
“A decade after his failed attempt at reading, Chung has turned his early aversion to the Bible into a growing business. He’s one half of a duo attempting to make the Bible ‘millennial-friendly,’ sharing their ancient faith with a new generation shaped by an unending stream of visual content and social media stimulation.”

“Downtown LAB”Redeemer
“Redeemer Downtown has launched a new congregation — Downtown LAB (DT LAB) — in the Madison Square Park neighborhood. Our new Downtown congregation meets on Wednesday nights (7 to 8:30 p.m.) at Baruch College’s Mason Hall (17 Lexington Ave, entrance on E. 23rd) and seeks to serve and connect with a community that’s not familiar with church or is looking for a fresh worship experience.”


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