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“You Don’t Have to Have a Well-Formed Opinion on Everything”The Gospel Coalition
“If you’re not familiar with the day’s controversy, you may feel awkward for a moment. You don’t know what they’re talking about, and if you admit your ignorance, your friend may raise an eyebrow, see you as totally out of the loop and even think you’re a little crazy for not paying closer attention. Never fear! If you’re not up to speed on the news, they will fill you in so you can get as worked up about the issue as they are.”

“Move Over, Sex and Drugs. Ease Is the New Vice”Christianity Today
“Sociologists and social commentators debate whether the trend is temporary and whether it marks a healthy or unhealthy societal shift. But it’s possible that the so-called sex recession offers evidence of a wide, disturbing trend that has nothing to do with sex—one that is particularly endemic to our cultural moment. “

“Steve McQueen: ‘Preacher’ Tells Story of Pivotal Point in Life of Redeemed Movie Star”Baltimore Post-Examiner
“How the two-fisted King of Cool found peace, when he encountered the King of Kings. At first glance, the reader may be reminded of the kind of inspirational tone evangelists employ while illustrating their sermons. This should come as no surprise.”

“Expositors Collective in San Diego”
“The Expositors Collective held 3 events last year, in California, Colorado and Florida, and developed a great podcast and Instagram. Our next event will be in San Diego, CA on April 5-6, 2019 at Maranatha Chapel.”

“’Disillusioned with Dawkins: My Journey from Atheism to Christianity’: Peter Byrom”Solas
An interview between Gavin Matthews and Peter Byrom.

“John Lennox vs Peter Atkins – Can science explain everything? LIVE DEBATE”Unbelievable?
“Can we answer all life’s questions using the scientific method? Unbelievable? presenter Justin Brierley will chair a live dialogue between Oxford professors John Lennox and Peter Atkins followed by audience Q&A.”

“Calvary Chapel University Admissions”Calvary Chapel University
“Calvary Chapel University exists to serve lifelong learners and the ministries of churches worldwide by offering undergraduate and graduate programs in a Christ-centered community.”

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