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2019 Missions Conference Livestream
“Enjoy the 2019 Missions Conference this week, starting today at 3PM PST!”

“Five Ways to Be a More Effective Leader in 2019”Christianity Today
“As another year begins, we all have resolutions of things we’d like to change or start. We make many promises to ourselves and sometimes others. One of the things I want to commit to is being a better leader in 2019.”

“Michael Brown: Jesus, Israel, LGBT politics, speaking in tongues and Donald Trump”Premier
“US Messianic Jew, author and radio host Michael Brown joins Justin Brierley to tell his conversion story in a wide ranging interview covering the hot-button issues Michael engages in.”

“Ten Predictions for 2019 – Confusion, China and Christ”TheWeeFlea
“David Robertson of The WeeFlea provides ten predictions into the New Year!”

“Worship together”Brenton Brown
“The Worship Together podcast is where we have honest conversations about the songs we sing and the way we lead. Join us weekly as we speak with some of the most instrumental artists, worship leaders, songwriters and pastors influencing the creative culture of the church today.”

“Tips for Lay Preachers”ForTheChurch
“Preaching is a daunting task, especially for those of us who fill the pulpit when the regular preaching pastor is away. My aim in this article is to help lay elders, youth leaders, pulpit suppliers, seminarians, and anyone else who preaches occasionally understand how to play your role effectively. “

“Colossians 2:8 Does Not Condemn Philosophy”
“Some well-meaning but very misinformed Christians discourage the study of philosophy on the basis of a verse in Colossians chapter 2.”

“Isaiah 40 – Comfort and Strength for God’s People”Enduring Word
“Isaiah is a book in three sections. Chapters 1-35 are prophetic, with the theme of condemnation. Chapters 36-39 are historic, and the theme is confiscation. Chapters 40-66 are messianic, and the theme is consolation.”

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