The Link: Pray for Pittsburgh, Eugene Peterson Passed at Age 85, Dr. Norman Geisler on the Occult & More

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We pray for the victims, their families and the community of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

“If You Hate Jews, You Hate Jesus,”Russell Moore
“On the Jewish Sabbath this week, a white nationalist terrorist murdered eleven worshippers within Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, in what is being called the deadliest attack on Jewish people in American history.”

“Europe Court Upholds Ruling Against Woman Who Insulted Islam”Wall Street Journal
“Europe’s highest human rights court ruled on Friday that disparagement of religious doctrines such as insulting the Prophet Muhammad isn’t protected by freedom of expression and can be prosecuted.”

“Eugene Peterson Preached One Sermon”The Gospel Coalition
“Upon hearing today of the death of Peterson, I could think of nothing else that would better eulogize the preacher, pastor, and writer. He was a one-sermon man.”

“The God Who is Generous”Medium
“If you are acquainted at all with the New Testament, it is impossible to read about this generous God with­out remembering Jesus. God is saying to Jonah, “I am weeping and grieving over this city — why aren’t you? If you are my prophet, why don’t you have my compas­sion?” Jonah did not weep over the city, but Jesus, the true prophet, did.”

“The Occult?”OneMinuteApologist
“The One Minute Apologist asks special guest Dr. Norman Geisler, ‘What is the Occult?'”

“Seal Of King Hezekiah And Of Isaiah Discovered”One for Israel
“The seal of King Hezekiah was recently discovered close to Hezekiah’s tunnel in the City of David, and earlier this year, yet another significant seal surfaced with what appeared to be the name of Isaiah the Prophet!”

“The Gift of Healing, the Empowering of the Holy Spirit and Consecutive Bible Teaching”Expositors Collective
Enjoy this episode of Expositors Collective as Pastor Ray Bentley of Maranatha Chapel speaks on the gift of healing, the empowering of the Holy Spirit and consecutive Bible teaching.

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