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“Outraged Online? We All Are. Here’s What One Christian Says About How to Deal”CNN
“So how can Christians, or anyone for that matter, learn to respond to the outrages, faux and otherwise, that seem to ooze from our screens every day? Stetzer said he started thinking about that question a year ago, when it seemed like our online lives couldn’t get any more confusing and caustic. And then, of course, they have.”

“Dennis Prager on Evolution: Stephen Meyer Turned Me Around”Evolution News
“This is pretty remarkable. Our colleague Stephen Meyer was on Dennis Prager’s radio show earlier this week to talk about the recent volume Steve co-edited, Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique. Dennis described how, on the theory of evolution — “the creative power of mutation and natural selection,” as Dr. Meyer summarizes the issue — Steve turned him around.”

“Why We Can’t Unhitch from the Old Testament”The Gospel Coalition
“Few would disagree that we’re now living in an effectively post-Christian world. Secularism is on the rise, church attendance is in decline, and hostility to Christian values is ever-increasing. In light of this foreboding landscape, it’s appropriate to ask whether the church is on the right track. Have we missed something? Are we doing something incorrectly that we need to change?”

“Tim Keller: Christians Are Being Sucked Into Society’s Demonizing, Mocking of Each Other”The Christian Post
“Tim Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, has warned that Christians are letting themselves be sucked into society’s ongoing demonizing and mocking of groups…’Groups demonize and mock other groups. Each region of the country and political party finds reasons to despise the others. Christian believers today are being sucked into this maelstrom as much as, if not more than, anyone else,’ he added.”

“Christian, What Do You Believe? Probably a Heresy About Jesus, Says Survey”– Christianity Today
“American evangelicals are “deeply confused” about some core doctrines of the Christian faith—and the fourth-century heretic Arius would be pleased, according to a new survey.”

“An Interview with Sarah Yardley – Cornwall, Creation Fest and Christianese”Ruth Clemence
“I started coming to the UK in the summer of 2009 and I came over every summer between 2009 and 2014. Over the course of that time I developed some phenomenal relationships, friendships and never envisioned myself living here, but really loved the people. In the summer of 2014 I came over with a little 40 pound suitcase for a summer of service and arrived in the UK and woke up to the news that the previous Festival Director for Creation Fest had passed away quite suddenly, actually the night previous…”

“The authority of Jesus”Back to Basics
“We have seen over and over again throughout the Sermon on the Mount how Jesus called His followers to a life distinctly separate from the world. But it wasn’t just His words on the Christian life that were so radical. The way in which He taught completely amazed His listeners as well. He taught them as having authority. Have you noticed how every one of the prophets, when speaking for God, always used phrases like: ‘thus says the Lord,’ or ‘the Lord spoke to me saying,’ or ‘this is the word of the Lord’? Jesus never did that. “

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