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“Why Your Creativity Matters to Christ”The Gospel Coalition
“Our creativity needs Jesus. When we answer the “why” of creativity selfishly, we get into trouble. But when we let God answer it, our creativity is put in its right place.”

“Suppressing Science at Brown University”Evolution News & Science Today
“What happened to Lisa Littman at Brown offers the most recent evidence of how scientists are pressured not to stray beyond politically approved conclusions — something that ID researchers have known for a long time.”

“Firing Line: J.D. Greear”PBS SoCal
“Pastor and President of the Southern Baptist Convention J.D. Greear speaks on faith, racism, and evangelical’s political support for Donald Trump”

“Strategies for Effective Apologetic Encounters”– Apologetics for the Church
“Very few people have the ability to spontaneously speak on any topic related to belief, unbelief, religion, and the like. Most of us need an occasion or a conversation to jog our memory of what we know. This is where we need the reminders that Jesus gave his disciples before he ascended to the Father. What reminders?”

“DNA Analysis Shocks Evolutionists”World
“A landmark study published last month pushes back on evolutionists’ assumptions about human ancestry.”

“How Willow Creek Exposed Our Sins”Religious News Services
“The past few months have been filled with stories of pastoral failure — for Protestants and Catholics alike. These stories inundate our social media feeds, causing outrage and heartache but rarely self-reflection. Once in a while, however, a story hits close to home. That’s been the case for us with Willow Creek.”

“In a Forensic Pilgrimage, a Scholar Asks, ‘What Did Jesus Look Like?'”The Times of Israel
“Prof. Joan E. Taylor continues a journey she began years ago on a kibbutz in Israel, as she examines the dress, skin tone, and hair style of the Christian Messiah in her new book.”

“Asking, Seeking, Knocking”Back to Basics
“So we are to ask for a fresh work of the Spirit. We are to seek the Lord with all our heart. We are to knock, step out, and seek the wisdom to move forward in God’s plan and purpose for our life. Jesus promised that as we do these things, we will receive, we will find, and doors will be opened.”

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