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“Jaron Lanier: How Social Media Ruins Your Life”Channel 4 News
“This Silicon Valley ‘computer philosopher’ says you need to delete your social media. Jaron Lanier argues we are hooked through a scheme of rewards and punishments – making us ‘cranky’ and ‘jittery’ and modifying our behaviour.”

“Mere Manipulation — Using C.S. Lewis to Pitch Evolution to Christians”Evolution News
“If you’re not overly scrupulous, you can take any idea and try to sell it to Christians by slapping the word “Mere” on it. This gives the impression that it would have been heartily endorsed by the most beloved of Christian apologists, C.S. Lewis, author of Mere Christianity among other books. Does the tactic work? It’s hard to imagine with an informed audience. But clearly some people think it does, notably Darwinists working to persuade Christians on behalf of evolutionary belief.”

2018 Canvas ConferenceHumble Beast Records
“At this year’s Canvas Conference…We want to help the church recognize the beauty and place for creativity within its walls. We also want to help creatives find their place in the church and provide a better biblically defined, God honoring theology that can produce a greater and everlasting creativity.”

“God’s Sovereignty & Human Responsibility”BibleGateway
“What does the Bible say about God’s sovereignty, human free will, theological determinism, predestination, freedom, and responsibility?”

CGN Mission & Methods
The CGN Mission & Methods Podcast is the official podcast of the Calvary Global Network (CGN). Hosted by CGN Director, Kellen Criswell, the podcast features discussions on theology and ministry practice related to three foundational aspects of Great Commission work: gospel proclamation, disciple making, and church planting. Guests include church and mission leaders, missiologists, and theologians from Calvary Global Network, and friends of CGN of diverse evangelical traditions from around the world.

“How LGBT Activism Works, Illustrated in Front Of Our Eyes”The Stream
“It starts with one outraged person. Then, the outrage gets reported. Next, it becomes a story. Then it becomes a cause. It’s happening today, right in front of our eyes.”

“Love Your Enemies”Back to Basics
“All over the world today, Christians are in prison, tortured, kicked out of their homes or communities, and threatened with death. To love and bless their captors must be extremely challenging. We have to believe that if and when this kind of difficulty comes to us, God will give us what we need to love our enemies. That’s the work of the Spirit.”

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