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“TTM S03E08: Bible Study: Practical Approaches to Study, Meditate and Grow in Understanding God’s Word”
Studying the Bible: How do we do that? Where do we start? How do we understand the historical context of the Bible? Andy Deane, Director of Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, CA, shares insight on approaching a study time in God’s Word without feeling overwhelmed. Enjoy this episode as Andy shares different ways to study the Bible with the ultimate blessing of deepening our relationship with Jesus. Andy has also written a book titled, “Learn to Study the Bible,” where he gives 40 different approaches to study God’s Word. Andy closes by sharing exciting news of CCBC Murrieta obtaining accreditation in the near future!

“The Many Problems with Bishop Michael Curry’s Royal Wedding Sermon”A Desert Father“There were so many mis-steps in Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the Royal Wedding that it’s difficult to know where to start. Despite the fact that a billion people saw it, major media around the world are sharing it, and Episcopalians took pride and found joy in seeing one of our own bring the word there are ways he could have avoided a number of serious blunders.”

“With a wink and a nod, Pope Francis’ reported comments signal new level of acceptance of homosexuality”The Briefing

Listen to the latest podcast recording from Albert Mohler on the topic of the Pope and his most recent statement addressing homosexuality.

“Jesus, Recycled Redeemer?”Stand to Reason
“Is Jesus of the Gospels simply recycled ancient myths? There is a reason the ancient historical accounts of the life of Jesus of Nazareth do not start with the phrase, “Once upon a time….” On the face of it, the authors did not appear to be writing fairytales for future generations, but rather detailed accounts of the extraordinary events in the life of a particular Jewish carpenter who actually changed the course of history.”

“D.L. Moody’s View of the Bible”Defending Inerrancy
“In a forty-year span, he [D.L. Moody] preached the gospel to an estimated million people, founded three schools, and a publishing house. Here are several quotations which show his uncompromising view of biblical inerrancy and his lack of tolerance for the criticism that cast doubt on the Bible. Some of the quotations are about D.L. Moody and others are by D.L. Moody himself.”

“Paul’s Mission Statement”Enduring Word
“Do you know what a mission statement is? Many people and organizations use a mission statement to clarify their purpose and goals. They use it clearly state what they do, how they will do it, and what success will look like. We can regard these two verses as a short yet remarkably complete mission statement for the Apostle Paul. Paul was a man who knew what he was doing and why he did it.”

“United To One Another — What We Were, Ephesians 2:11-12”
“Paul believed sin caused double alienation. In his view, sin divides us from God and one another. The entirety of Ephesians 2 demonstrates how God has dealt with that double alienation. The first half, which we’ve already studied, taught us how God dealt with our alienation from Himself. The second half, which we’ve now come to, teaches us how God dealt with our alienation from one another.”

“The Bible’s Scientific Accuracy and Foresight”CCSJC
Enjoy this link as Apologist Charlie Campbell shares insight on the Bible Scientific accuracy and foresight.

“Conservatives Fail the N.F.L.’s Free Speech Test”The New York Times
“The United States is in the grips of a free-speech paradox. At the same time that the law provides more protection to personal expression than at any time in the nation’s history, large numbers of Americans feel less free to speak. The culprit isn’t government censorship but instead corporate, community and peer intimidation.”

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