The Link: Evidence of the Resurrection, 11 False Assumptions of Christianity, The Easter Effect & More!

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Special portion featured this week, in light of celebrating Easter:

“What is the Evidence Jesus Rose from the Dead?”Sean McDowell
“Is there good evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus? What facts are most compelling? Author, speaker and Biola Apologetics professor, Dr. Sean McDowell, briefly answers these questions.”

“What’s Good about Good Friday?”David Guzik
Pastor and author of Enduring Word commentary, David Guzik, shares thoughts on the Friday before Easter Sunday, recognized as Good Friday.

“The Easter Effect and How It Changed the World”The Wall Street Journal
“There is no accounting for the rise of Christianity without weighing the revolutionary effect on those nobodies of what they called “the Resurrection”: their encounter with the one whom they embraced as the Risen Lord, whom they first knew as the itinerant Jewish rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, and who died an agonizing and shameful death on a Roman cross outside Jerusalem. As N.T. Wright, one of the Anglosphere’s pre-eminent biblical scholars, makes clear, that first generation answered the question of why they were Christians with a straightforward answer: because Jesus was raised from the dead.”

“Any Evidence for Resurrection of People in Matthew 27?”OneMinuteApologist
“Dr. Norman Geisler returns to answer the question ‘Is there any evidence for the resurrection of the people in Matthew Chapter 27?”‘

“A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus”– John Dickson
“Author John Dickson shares thought-provoking observations about three universally held perceptions that lead people to wonder about God – goodness and beauty in the universe, ugliness and evil, and contemplation of God’s sorrow and compassion.”

“11 False Assumptions About Christianity”– Core Christianity
“The God revealed in the Bible is not reducible to the attributes of love or mercy. God is a righteous, holy, and just God. He must punish evil. If God didn’t have reasons for doing so beyond our comprehension, he would not be worthy of worship, let alone belief. We would never praise a judge who chooses to let convicted thieves, murders, and rapists return home without justice.”

“The Rock That Shows the way Part 1”Abounding Grace with Pastor Ed Taylor
“Imagine having someone hot on your heels, trying to kill you. That’s the place we find David, the future King of Israel, today on Abounding Grace. Though our situations in life, might not reach that level, we still experience pressure and stress. Pastor Ed Taylor has some words of wisdom from First Samuel 20 to share with us today, that we can apply to those stressful periods of life!”

“How Albert Mohler Processes the Moral Failures of His Historical Heroes”The Gospel Coalition
“In this new video, Albert Mohler—president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and TGC Council member—discusses how to respond when learning about the sins of major role-players in church history.”

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