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“Things That Matter: A Pastor’s Wife: Finding Your Identity in Christ Rather Than in Your Calling”–
“As a pastor’s wife, do you feel a burden of perfection in your ministry and home life? Enjoy this episode of Things That Matter as Pastor Brian Brodersen interviews his wife, Cheryl Brodersen, on being a pastor’s wife. Cheryl breaks down the difference between “identity” and “role” and encourages women, whether as a pastor’s wife or not, to place their identity in Jesus Christ alone. Once He is placed as the central focus, life and ministry begin to flow.”

“Psalm 119– The Greatness and Glory of God’s Word”– Enduring Word
“This long Psalm deserves a long introduction. The author is unnamed; older commentators almost universally say it is a Psalm of David, composed throughout his entire life. More modern commentators often say that it is post-exilic, coming from the days of Nehemiah or Ezra…No matter who wrote it, we notice that it was likely written over some period of time and later compiled, because there is not a definite flow of thought from the beginning of the Psalm to the end.The sections and verses are not like a chain, where one link is connected to the other, but like a string of pearls were each pearl has equal, but independent value.”

“What Every Christian Must Affirm About the Universe’s Origins”The Gospel Coalition
What things must be affirmed by every Christian when it comes to the origins of the universe? Albert Mohler—president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and TGC Council member—answers in this new video.”

“Calvary Chapel Bible College Accreditation Updated”Calvary Chapel Bible College, Murrieta
“On February 6th, 2018, CCBC’s Board of Directors resolved to pursue accreditation. Although CCBC is not accredited, many accredited colleges have accepted some of our courses in transfer, and graduates with our bachelor’s degree have been accepted by some of the finest seminaries in the United States.”

“Author Eric Metaxas, Evangelical Intellectual, Chose Trump, and He’s Sticking with Him”Yahoo News
“The answers to this question go to the heart of the cultural fears that motivated a large majority of white evangelical Christians to vote for Trump, opening an enduring split among evangelical elites.”

“A Passion for Righteousness”Back to Basics
“The natural man hungers and thirsts for fulfillment, but people cannot have contentment apart from righteousness. As we read in Isaiah, “There is no peace, says the Lord, for the wicked” (Isa. 48:22). Rather, it’s in the pursuit of righteousness that fulfillment comes.”

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