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“Provo, Utah, is Best-Performing Economy Among Big U.S. Cities”USA Today
“The Provo, Utah, area was ranked as the best-performing economy among large U.S. metro areas in 2017 as a reshuffling saw Florida and other Southern enclaves rise while California lost some of its luster, according to the Milken Institute.”

“Revitalize & Replant with Thom Rainier”– Thom Rainer, Jonathon Howe & Mark Clifton
“A weekly discussion on church revitalization and replanting featuring Thom Rainer, Jonathan Howe, and Mark Clifton. Revitalize and Replant with Thom Rainer is presented by the North American Mission Board.”

“The Church, The Culture & Corinth: Facing the Lack of Dignity in the 21st Century”
“Far from the Bible being a manual on misogyny as its critics often paint it, it begins by declaring both male and female bear God’s image.”

“Doing Political Theology, Waiting for King Jesus”The Gospel Coalition
“The shift from liberalism to Augustinianism moves you from viewing politics and religion as separate or partially overlapping domains to viewing all your politics as religious and all of your religion as political. Further, you as a Christian begin to view the church as the center and source of your political life.”

“VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Tim Farron: I was Foolish to Say Gay Sex Isn’t a Sin”Premier
“Former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron has spoken of his “regret” at bowing to pressure he felt to say homosexual sex is not sinful.”

“‘There are More Than Two Genders,’ Tortured Employee Forced to Say in Darkened Room at Google Headquarters”Babylon Bee
“In a darkened room labeled “101” deep within Google’s Mountain View headquarters, an outed conservative employee was forced to say there are more than two genders after a long period of torture.”

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Calvary Chapel

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