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Enjoy the 2018 Missions Conference
All main sessions, backstage interviews and workshops scheduled in the auditorium at the conference center in Murrieta, CA, have been archived and are available to watch. We pray that you will be blessed by these archives from the 2018 Missions Conference.

“They Were No Fools: The Martyrdom of Jim Elliot and Four Other Missionaries”The Gospel Coalition
“On January 8, 1956, 28-year-old American missionary Jim Elliot was martyred, along with four missionary partners and friends. He was survived by his wife, Elisabeth, and their 10-month-old daughter Valerie.”

“How the Queen, the ‘Last Christian Monarch’- has Made Faith Her Message”The Guardian
“To the Queen, her annual broadcast is the time when she speaks to the nation without the government scripting it. But in recent years, it has also become something else: a declaration of her Christian faith. As Britain has become more secular, the Queen’s messages have followed the opposite trajectory.”

“I’m a Rare Breed: An Elite Chess Player Who’s Open About His Faith”Christianity Today
“On the small planet where elite chess players dwell, very few people worship Jesus Christ. If anyone discovers that you’re one of those ‘superstitious,’ ‘narrow-minded idiots,’ you’re likely to see nasty comments accumulate on your Facebook fan page. On a regular basis, I receive emails from strangers lecturing me about the dangers of following Jesus. Out of pity or disgust, they wonder how I, the world’s second-ranked chess player, can be so ‘weak-minded.'”

“Christian Musician Launches Thousand Oaks Ministry”– Thousand Oaks Acorn
“They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but for Pete Nelson, you can judge a church by its name. Four months ago, Nelson launched One Love Church, a fledgling Christian congregation on N. Skyline Drive in Thousand Oaks. He said the church’s name points to the heart of what the ministry is about.”

“10 ‘Prophecies’ for the Church in 2018”The Wee Flea
“If it is hard to make predictions about what the year ahead holds for society, it is doubly difficult to predict what will happen to the Church.”

“Redpath’s Self-Examination Questions”Enduring Word
“Many years ago, I read this section by Alan Redpath, taken from his wonderful book on Nehemiah, Victorious Christian Service. I recommend it to you as a good checklist of self-examination, and trust that you will use it properly.”

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