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“Trading Gold for Bronze”– Enduring Word
“We read, King Rehoboam made bronze shields in their place. The replacement of gold with bronze is a perfect picture of the decline under the days of Rehoboam.”

“Is Donald Trump the Christian President?”– Christianity Today
“I have militant atheist friends who delight in pointing me to President Trump’s latest aberration before they gleefully point out he is ‘my’ President – ie the Christian President. But is he?”

“Four Keys to Preaching More Engaging Sermons”Southern Equip
“How long should a sermon be? As a preaching professor and a pastor, I’ve asked and been asked that question a hundred times. You can preach as long as you hold their attention.”

“The Christian Baker’s Unanswered Legal Argument…”The Public Discourse
“The Supreme Court is about to decide whether a baker has a First Amendment right not to be compelled to design and create cakes celebrating same-sex weddings. The baker’s best legal argument is simple, and it survives the best objections filed by the ACLU and Progressive scholars.”

“Today Israelis Mark the 70th Anniversary of the Historic U.N. ‘Partition Plan’ Vote…”– Joel C. Rosenberg
“Seventy years ago today — on November 29th, 1947 — history was made.The United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of Resolution 181 (aka, the “Partition Plan”) to divide the land of British Mandated Palestine to create a sovereign Israeli Jewish state and a sovereign Palestinian

“Top Ten Graduate Programs in Christian Apologetics”–The Best Schools has researched the top apologetics graduate degrees in the United States and ranked them according to the quality of faculty, level of accreditation, diversity of degrees offered, cost, and overall accessibility.”

“The Current State of Worship with Matt Redman”Worship Ministry Training
“As we come to the close of the year, I asked prolific songwriter and worship leader Matt Redman about the current state of modern worship around the globe. Where are we at as a worship culture, what encouraging trends is he seeing, what concerns him, and what advice does he have for worship leaders as we stewart our calling well?”

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