The Link: The Pharisees & Same-Sex Marriage, 2018 Missions Conference, The Netflix Theory & More

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“A Triumph Over the Pharisees? Why Julia Baird is Wrong About Christian Support for Same-Sex Marriage”Religion & Ethics
“Most things written by ABC journalist and Fairfax columnist Julia Baird are thoughtful and compelling. She is an important voice – and a Christian one, at that – in this country. But she is mistaken in her recent claim that the strong Yes vote in the same-sex marriage postal vote should be interpreted as ‘a triumph for the grassroots sitting in the church pews’ against the ‘Pharisees and publicly pious Church leaders.'”

2018 Missions Conference
We are excited for the upcoming Missions Conference, happening January 2-5, 2018. The theme is “Operation World” taken from Mark 16:15. Hear from guest speakers Patrick Johnstone, director of Worldwide Evangelism for Christ, Lisa Collins of Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe, Carlos Bautista of Calvary Chapel El Salvador and more!

New Calvary Chapel Bible College New York City
We are excited for the new Calvary Chapel Bible College to open for Spring 2018 at New York City! If you desire to grow deeper in God’s word and would like to experience living in NYC, then we encourage you to check out the new CCBC campus and pray about attending!

“Netflix Thinks You’re Bored and Lonely”The Gospel Coalition
“At a conference sponsored by the Wall Street Journal last year, Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, offered a purpose statement for his entertainment juggernaut: ‘Fundamentally, we’re about eliminating loneliness and boredom….That’s what entertainment does.’ Eliminating boredom and loneliness. Chew on that for a while, and you’ll realize that only one of these issues is truly a problem, while the other is actually an opportunity.”

Creation Fest 2017 Highlights
Enjoy the highlights from Creation Fest 2017. Thank you for all your prayers and support during festival season, as thousands come to the Creation Fest festivals in the U.K.

Church Locator Available to Find Any CGN Church
If you are looking for a church in your local area, check out our church locator map. The church’s address, contact information and website address are all available as well.

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