Nothing is Too Hard for the Lord

“Is anything too hard for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:14). This is a tribute to George MacDonald. The following credo was inspired by the wizard of wisdom himself. Here is my MacDonald Manifesto:

I will stop complaining as if there was someone to blame and take blessings as if there was no one to thank.
I will substitute the time spent excusing myself from working, to work on the task from which I’m excusing myself.
I will forget my dreams and remember to work; lest I forget to work because I meditate on my dreams.
I will make literature, not technology, the extension of my hands.
I will not worship the Bible as God’s sole revelation. I will also find God in the magic of the stars, the sunset, the daffodil.
I will not speak the false visions which make commonplace things seem more ordinary, but the true visions which reveal the extraordinariness of commonplace things.
I will depend on my Superhero who showed off His super-strength when He said, “My burden is light.” (Not “The burden I give is light.”) He said that when facing Gethsemane. Golgotha. The Grave.
I will not ask for lighter burdens but stronger shoulders.
I will walk my God-talk by talking to God while I walk.
I will not work in order to enjoy life: I will enjoy work as a way of life.
I will not believe in the myth named Impossible, but in the God who says, “Is anything to hard for Me?”

As MacDonald said, “‘But how can God bring this about in me?’ – Let Him do it and perhaps you will know.”

Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel

Beginning in 1965 in Southern California, this fellowship of churches grew out of Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

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