Did God Cause Covid-19 in Order to Punish Specific People? | Tough Questions for the Current Crisis Miniseries P1

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The Covid-19 Crisis has been the most challenging thing our world collectively has faced since WWII. For many, a part of that challenge has been the tough theological questions that have been raised about God, His Love, His Judgment, His Mercy, and His plan in all of this. In today’s episode, Aaron & Brian dive into the question: Did God Cause Covid-19 in order to Punish Specific People? They examine some claims by popular televangelists about God’s judgment, discuss our tendency to want a “scapegoat” for the issues we face, and try to begin to lay a theological groundwork for both God’s wrath and mercy.


The GoodLion podcast is a show by Aaron Salvato and Brian Higgins, the founders of CGN’s GoodLion Podcast Network. Each episode, their goal is to ask hard questions, push past easy answers and always look to Jesus, the God who is not safe but is very good. Visit GoodLion.io.

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