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We are so saddened by the news of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the others who passed. We are praying for their families and communities.

“The Last Flight of Kobe Bryant’s Life”The Wall Street Journal
“Details about the helicopter crash that killed the Lakers star and eight others emerged through air-traffic communications and flight data.”

“The Death of a Sports Icon and the Rest of Our Lives”The Gospel Coalition
“Heavenly Father, Kobe Bryant’s death yesterday stunned, saddened, and sobered many of us. A mere 41 years old, already possessing 1000 times over what most will own in a lifetime. Yet this Scripture reminds us that our lifespan isn’t very long at all. We’re more like a brief mist than an aging oak. You’ve numbered our days; how would you have us live the rest of our lives, Father?”

“Kobe Bryant Spoke with LeBron James Hours Before Helicopter Crash”New York Post
“Hours before Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash that rocked the world, the Lakers legend spoke with LeBron James on the phone to congratulate the Lakers star on passing him to become the third-highest scorer in NBA history.”


“Announcing the CGN Local Connectors”Calvary Global Network
“A Local Connector is a support leader who serves CGN leaders in their local area by keeping in touch with them, establishing rhythms to meet and pray together, supporting local leaders’ vision for outreach, and cultivating ministry partnerships to proclaim the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.”

“Serbia Migrants: The Man Offering Heat to People Rejected by Europe” BBC News
“Many of the migrants gather inside the border in the Serbian town of Subotica, where a Protestant pastor from Serbia’s Hungarian minority helps them keep warm. Tibor Varga crafts stoves for the migrants out of old barrels in his garden. This is his third in a day.”

“Struggling with Forgiveness?”
“On this episode of ‘Living Grace,’ guest Jill Bates shares her personal journey in understanding the power to forgive. Jill both challenges and encourages us to press through those hurts and remember that all things are truly possible with God. Jill presents advice, including a willingness to forgive, realization of our own need, personal connection to God (prayer) & more that will lead to God-given benefits in forgiveness.”

“Where the Gospel Meets Dr. John M. Perkins” Love Thy Neighborhood
Listen to all available “Love Thy Neighborhood” podcast episodes through GoodLion!

“He was born in Jim Crow America. He was tortured in jail. He had a third-grade education. Yet he changed the face of urban missions. The unbelievable story of Dr. John M. Perkins.”

“What About You?”Back to Basics
“Do you have the power of God upon your life? Do you know the place God has given you in His body? Do you know the gifts He has instilled within you? Are you a witness? Are you serving? Are you bearing fruit? Remember, the New Testament knows nothing of spectators.”

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