The Link: Why We Need Religion, How God Uses Prophecy, Jews Came from Muslim Countries & More

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“Why We Need Religion”Prospect
“Stephen Asma, an agnostic, argues powerfully that religion is natural and beneficial. Is it such a leap to believe that it is grounded in truth?”

“Largest Child-Sacrifice Graveyard Strikes Huge Blow to Native American Innocence Myth”PJ Media
“Horrifying as this discovery is, it should not surprise anyone. Human sacrifice is tragically common throughout history, just like slavery. People in the Ancient Near East, Europe, China, Tibet, India, the Pacific, and West Africa practiced it — and it was horrifically common in the pre-Columbian Americas.”

“Half of Israel’s Jews Came From Muslim Countries”– One for Israel
“Many Jewish people ended up in what would eventually become Muslim countries; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, and so on. Some Jews that were taken out of Israel in the first exile of 586 BC never returned, choosing to settle in Iran and Iraq and establishing large communities there. Jewish people lived and thrived in many different countries, and often enjoyed success and security in the places where they settled.”

“How God Uses the Gift of Prophecy”Back to Basics
“Should we expect a word from the Lord every time we meet together in fellowship and in the study of the Word of God? Is there really a new generation of prophets being raised up today?”

“Wesley’s Most Capable Associate and Preacher”Patheos
“‘Mother in Israel’ is what Methodists called her. It was fitting. Like Judge Deborah who sang: ‘I arose as a mother in Israel,’ Mary Bosanquet Fletcher arose and took a leading role working alongside, and independently of, John Wesley. She was the one who convinced him to permit women to preach—though never for her own self-aggrandizement.”

“Looking for Things to Be Grateful For? Look No Further Than…Your Eyes”Evolution News
“We take them for granted, but our ability to interact with the world through vision is beyond remarkable.”

“Tidings of Great Joy”Expositors Collective
“The Christmas season is upon us! This is a unique time in the calendar year when nominal Christians and occasional visitors will come to your church to sing songs and listen to a sermon. How can we leverage this opportunity for the gospel? How can a preacher, who has perhaps preached dozens of Christmas messages over the years, keep it ‘fresh’ now?”

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