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“Christian Mom Asia Bibi’s Ten-Year Nightmare is Finally Over as She is Safely Reunited with Her Family in Canada”ACLJ
“Today marks a huge victory for a Christian woman and for religious freedom, as after suffering a 10-year nightmare ordeal, Asia Bibi is finally, officially, safe and free. According to reports from multiple news outlets, Asia Bibi’s attorney confirms that she is now out of Pakistan and safely in Canada.”

“Grace Versus Karma”Solas
“Goodness leads to rewards and bad thoughts and actions lead to pain and suffering. This, in a nutshell, is Karma. On the other end of the religious spectrum is Historic Christianity that teaches the virtual opposite – Grace.”

“It’s Time for California Parents to Defy the Law”The Stream
“As followers of Jesus, we are called to submit to the laws of the land and to honor those in authority. The New Testament is very clear on this (see especially Romans 13:1-7). It is also very clear that there are exceptions to this rule, namely, when the authorities require us to disobey the Lord (see Acts 5:40-42). In that case, with respect, we say, “We must obey God rather than man” (see Acts 4:18-20; 5:29; to be perfectly clear, I’m speaking of non-violent resistance to the law.) That time has come for parents in California.”

“Religious Men Can Be Devoted Dads, Too”The New York Times
“Faith, like feminism, sets high expectations for husbands.”

“Why is Divine Authorial Intent So Important for Biblical Interpretation? New Credo Video with Peter Williams”Credo
“Why can we be more certain about God intended by a passage than what a human author intended by a passage? Did the human author always know the full significance of what he was writing? Should we limit ourselves to the Old Testament when seeking to understand a given Old Testament text?”

“Trying to Kill God”Back to Basics
“Jesus fed people, healed the sick, even raised the dead. He did many good works. Why is it, then, that the Jews did not believe in Him—in fact, were downright hostile toward Him? For that matter, why are so many in our day combative when it comes to Jesus?”

“Let’s Ponder This Schaeffer Quote About Once a Week — At Least”The Gospel Coalition
“‘The central problem of our age is not liberalism or modernism, nor the old Roman Catholicism or the new Roman Catholicism, nor the threat of communism, nor even the threat of rationalism and the monolithic consensus which surrounds us [nor, I would add today, postmodernism or materialistic consumerism or visceral sensualism or whatever]. All these are dangerous but not the primary threat.'”

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