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“Did you know that a growing number of scientists doubt the Darwinian theory of evolution?” Discovery Science News
“As I’ve also pointed out, while that number surely represents a scientific minority, it also no doubt vastly understates the number of Darwin-doubting PhD scientists. When it comes to evolution, persecution is an all too well known fact of academic life. Endorsing Darwinian evolution is the safe careerist move, while questioning it can easily mean the end of your career.”

“Does the Bible Support Female Deacons? Yes.”– The Gospel Coalition
“The question as to whether women should serve as deacons is unclear in the Bible, and so it makes sense that sincere interpreters of Scripture differ on the matter. Thus, we must beware of dogmatism and an uncharitable spirit when adjudicating the evidence.”

“Church Finder”
New churches have been added to our Church Finder! Visit the link above to view your local listing of Christ-centered churches!

“Will Woke Progressives Allow Celebrities to Be Christian?”National Review
“You may have missed this news, but Chris Pratt, one of the most likable celebrities in modern American life, is now problematic to some people. But he’s not alone. Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez are under scrutiny now also. Their crime? They’ve attended Evangelical churches — such as Hillsong and Zoe — that don’t make it crystal-clear that they adhere to the new progressive sexual orthodoxy.”

“Suffer the Striking Children – A Tale of Activism, Indoctrination and Mob Rule”TheWeeFlea
“I was reminded of that this past week with the so-called children’s strikes against Climate change. Unlike my wee escapade where support was drummed up by marching past the classrooms, this one came about as a result of online activism. Pupils not only in the UK, but in Europe and Australia have got involved in what seems to have been quite an orchestrated event. “

“John MacArthur’s Perfect Gospel Presentation To Ben Shapiro”Sentinel Apologetics
“If you were a 2nd Temple Jew living 100 years before the birth of Jesus, this is what the OT (from Genesis to Malachi) reveals about the Messiah [above].”

“Crafting the Sermon with David Guzik”
Crafting the Sermon: That is the second key component with sermon prep.
‘We are not composers; we’re conductors.’ – 10-Minute Seminary with David Guzik”

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