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CGN International Conference Calvary Global Network
“2019 CGN International Conference | June 24-27


Same ministry training and biblical instruction focus, but with a slower pace and much more free time, for investing in relationships. This is an annual opportunity for Christ-centered people and churches throughout the world to connect, collaborate and encourage one another.”

“Southern Baptists and the Scandal of Church Sexual Abuse”Russell Moore
“We should see this scandal in terms of the church as a flock, not as a corporation. Many, whether in Hollywood or the finance industry or elsewhere, see such horrors as public relations problems to be managed. The church often thinks the same way. Nothing could be further from the way of Christ. Jesus does not cover up sin within the temple of his presence. He brings everything hidden to light. We should too.”

“Christophobia is Real”The American Conservative
“We Christians should also be aware that we don’t allow our own prejudices and insecurities about our own social capital draw us into failing to defend fellow believers from the scorn of others, even though we may not share all the convictions of those believers.”

“Three Church Planting Practices That Need to Die”Ed Stetzer
“We must always ask ourselves: What difference does my church plant make in this community and in the world?

It’s a significant question that will take lots of prayer and a good plan. As you consider this, let me share three church-planting practices that need to die if we are to begin and sustain church plants that glorify God and keep us on mission with Him.”

“Behind the Scenes: Volunteer at Creation Fest!”Creation Fest
“Fancy spending a week of your summer in sunny Cornwall? Meet Olly, Esther, Sandra and Hudson and get a glimpse of what it’s like to volunteer at Creation Fest. From the cafe to the kids tent, there’s a role for everyone. Find out more!

“Ellen Page Calls Out Chris Pratt for Supporting ‘Infamously Anti-LGBTQ Church’”IndieWire
“Ellen Page put Chris Pratt on blast in a social media post sent to her 1.4 million Twitter followers that criticized his involvement with an ‘infamously’ anti-LGBTQ church.”

“Cars, Coffee, Theology (1:7) Dominick Hernandez”Cars, Coffee, Theology
“Chapter One, Verse Seven (1:7)

My guest for this episode is my colleague and friend, Dr. Dominick Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at SBTS.

In this episode we discuss the importance of Modern Hebrew as well as his fascinating doctoral work on the Book of Job.

Thanks for tuning in!”

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