The Link: When People Cheer Abortion, Why Are Christians Divided, Lady Gaga, Christian Theologian & More

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“Why Are You Christians So Divided”Solas
“Why would I take Christianity seriously when Christians are so divided?” The disunity of Christians often deters people from taking the message of Jesus seriously: so in the latest SHORT ANSWERS video, we take a careful look at this common question.”

“Lady Gaga, Christian Theologian”Canon Fodder
“Since Gaga has jumped into the theological fray, let’s do a little analysis of her thinking. Does her theological worldview make sense? Does it fit together coherently? “

“When People Cheer Abortion”Russell Moore
“The fallen nature of humanity is evident. Who could cheer the potential to stop the beating hearts of children who are, in some cases, just weeks away from birth? And the closer one gets to the issue, the more one sees just how blinded by injustice people can get.”

“Mission Theology and Church Planting Methods with Dr. Ed Stetzer”–
“In this episode, Kellen Criswell, Director of CGN, discusses topics in Mission Theology and Church Planting Methods with Dr. Ed Stetzer.”

“Self-Control, the Leader’s Make-or-Break Virtue”Christianity Today
“Is it possible to build willpower like a muscle?”

“From Islam to Christianity”Thinking Biblically
“Hear the remarkable testimony of Florenci (Lenci) Mene, who grew up in Communist Albania, and converted to Islam as a teenager, dropped out of school to attend a Muslim madrassa full time, and eventually converted to Christianity, making the decision to follow Jesus.”

“Brian Brodersen – Habakkuk 2:2 – ‘Church Vision'”Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour
“Pastor Brian Brodersen sharing at the 2019 Refresh Conference in West Australia.”

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