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“2019 Youth Workers Conference”
Tune in this week, January 14-17, to the 2019 Youth Workers Conference. Enjoy hearing from speakers, Sarah Yardley, Daniel Fusco, Zach Vestnys and more! This year, the theme will be focused on “One” from John 17.

“Creating a Culture of Honor”Church of the City New York
“In this episode, pastor Jon Tyson sets our vision for the New Year with a teaching from Romans 12: 10 on how God’s operating system is honor.”

“Can We Disagree Without Killing One Another?”Solas
“In a world in which people seem ever more divided, how can we find a way to disagree without resorting to hatred, hostility, or even violence? Solas Director, Andy Bannister, explores how the radical message at the heart of the Christian faith offers a powerful basis — and in Jesus, a powerful model — for how we can respond with compassion and kindness to those who are are utterly different to us.”

“Building Bridges and Smashing Idols”Expositors Collective
“Panel Discussion on the topic of Hermeneutics from the Expositors Collective Training Weekend in Aurora Colorado featuring Fernando Ortiz, David Guzik, Brian Brodersen, Nick Cady and Char Brodersen.”

“Pastor Matt Chandler on Going Back to School at The Wheaton Grad School”Christianity Today
“Matt Chandler and I are both in class right now— finishing up his first week in our graduate program. Last night, I talked to Matt about why he decided to go back to school.”

“Western Education”Western Seminary
“Readiness to serve in the real world: If learning ‘sticks’ when it happens in context, then our students are the ‘stickiest’. Most are already serving before reaching graduation day, and 92% continue working in ministry after their first 10 years!”

“Zeal for God’s House”Back to Basics
“God doesn’t like a mess in His house—whether in the church collectively or in Christians individually. Sooner or later, if we don’t clean up the clutter in our lives, God will deal with it.”

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