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“Interview: Justin Taylor on the 10-Year Anniversary of the ESV Study Bible”Crossway
In this interview, we sit down with Justin Taylor, executive vice president for book publishing and book publisher at Crossway, to discuss the publication of the ESV Study Bible, which first released ten years ago this month.”

“Is Religion Good for Children?”– The Irish Times
“Harvard study indicates religious upbringing helps adolescents navigate life’s challenges.”

“Asia Bibi Has Been Acquitted. Here’s What Should Happen Next”Premier Christianity
“Christians around the world are rejoicing the release of Asia Bibi. After almost a decade behind bars the Christian woman accused of blasphemy in Pakistan has been acquitted by the country’s top court. But what should happen next? Premier’s head of news Marcus Jones reports.”

“Pakistan Works to Stop Asia Bibi Leaving After Blasphemy Protests”The Guardian
“Pakistan’s government has been accused of signing the “death warrant” of Asia Bibi after it said it would begin the process of preventing her leaving the country.”

“Explaining Biblical Inerrancy: Official Commentary on the ICBI Statements”Norman L. Geisler
“This book contains the articles of affirmation and denial from the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (1978), the articles of affirmation and denial from the Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics (1982), the commentary on the first statement by Dr. R.C. Sproul (Explaining Inerrancy, 1980), and the commentary on the second statement by Dr. Norman Geisler (Explaining Hermeneutics, 1983).”

“Communist-Party-Led . . . Church Multiplication? An Update on the Church in China”– The Gospel Coalition
“There are signs today that persecution may be increasing. Stories out of China in recent months report on crosses being torn down, church buildings being demolished, and house churches being forced to close. Further, the government has been promoting a campaign to ‘Sinicize’ religion, to conform it to both traditional Chinese culture and also socialist realities.”

“The Atheist Cacangelis“– TheWeeFlea
“Richard Dawkins is reigniting his career as an atheist cacangelist. What you may ask is a cacangelist? Its a new word (I think) which should not be added to our dictionary. The word evangelist comes from the Greek – meaning the messenger of good news. I have often described Richard Dawkins as an atheist evangelist…but it doesn’t really work because atheism has no good news.”

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