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“Canvas 2018: A Conference on Theology & Creativity”Canvas
“At this year’s Canvas Conference, we want to help the church recognize the beauty and place for creativity within its walls. We also want to help creatives find their place in the church and provide a better biblically defined, God honoring theology that can produce a greater and everlasting creativity.”

“Thomas Terry– Creatives and Corinthians”
“Thomas Terry sharing at the Calvary Chapel | CGN Pastors and Leaders Conference. His message is titled ‘Creatives & Corinthians.'”

“Gay Conversion Therapy Bill Dropped by California Lawmaker”The Sacramento Bee
“The author of a California bill to declare gay conversion therapy a fraudulent business practice has abandoned his effort for this year after a fierce outcry from the state’s religious community.”

“Expositors Collective Podcast”– Expositors Collective
“On this episode Pastor Brian Brodersen speaks about the importance of the power of the Holy Spirit in our sermon, preparation, delivery and all of life. In this address from the Thousand Oaks training weekend in March 2018, Brian “

“Always Be Ready Apologetics Conference” Veritas International University
“Get equipped to make a difference in sharing and defending your Faith! Join Veritas International University and Calvary Chapel South Bay (CCSB) on October 13, 2018, for a time of equipping at the 10th Annual National Apologetics Conference: Always be Ready. “

“The Closing of the Modern Mind: Tim Keller and Jonathon Haidt at NYU”The Veritas Forum
“Social psychologist and atheist public intellectual Jonathan Haidt and author and pastor Tim Keller are leading voices in their respective fields. On February 22, 2017, they sat down with Tamarie Macon at NYU for a discussion on religion, morality and pluralism.”

“A Season of Deep Lament: Heroes and Legends I Knew as a Child”Christianity Today
“I lament through music, and my lament songs have been playing a lot lately. But I know what is true and I must keep holding on.”

“The Strange Protestant Bible of Henry VIII”The Gospel Coalition
“Henry VIII was perhaps the only man in the early English Reformation who was “Catholic without the pope.” For example, he gloated over the execution of William Tyndale for the heresy of translating the Bible into English.”

“The Mission Statement of a Christ Follower”
“Modern companies have mission statements, a guiding sentence or phrase for all they do. Christians, in a sense, have a mission statement also. If pressed for it, I would turn to Romans 12:1-2. Here, in response to the glorious gospel he wrote about in Romans 1-11, Paul concludes: ‘Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God.'”

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