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“Raising Non-Traditional Leaders to be Church Planters and Pastors”
“The desire to plant churches using lay people is not new, but it is finding a renewed emphasis. This is partly because we’ve found that when we primarily go the Bible college/seminary route to find all our church planters, we don’t naturally develop bi-vocational paths to plant churches, which are also necessary for us to reach the world for Christ.”

2018 Creation Fest
Enjoy this year’s Creation Fest in Cornwall, England, beginning August 4-10! Livestream will be provided!

“Why Some Christians Embrace LGBT Theology: Experience Over Argument”BreakPoint
“What if I told you that the best arguments to embrace LGBT ideology in the church aren’t really arguments at all?..I’m often reminded of this quotation while listening to self-identifying Christians argue in support of same-sex relationships. Rarely do I ever hear an actual argument, certainly not from Scripture. What I do hear are experiences—how befriending an LGBT person or getting a certain feeling or receiving a supposed message from God should lead Christians to a new view of sex, marriage, and the human person—a view the church has unanimously rejected for two millennia.”

“Is Eldership Gender-Neutral? A Response to Katia Adams”Think
“Women and men are equal in value, and neither is inferior or superior to the other. But we are also different. Mothers and fathers are different, in the Church as in the family, and nobody wins if we ignore the distinctions. Husbands and wives are different, and as we submit to and serve one another, we will express this submission in different ways, modelled on Christ and the Church. Furthermore, throughout Scripture, those charged with the responsibility for guarding God’s sanctuary and protecting his people are male: Adam, the Levitical priests, the twelve apostles, local church elders, and of course Christ himself. All of this matters.”

“Veteran’s Benefits”Veritas International University
“Though Selected academic programs of study at VIU are approved for students who qualify for veterans’ benefits and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program, VA Vocational Rehabilitation, Post 9/11 GI Bill, and Tuition Assistance. Each program depends on a person’s eligibility and duty status and is administered differently.”

“How to Be Hospitable in a Post-Christian World”The Gospel Coalition
“Rosaria Butterfield on the role of the home in evangelism.”

“Character Counts”Enduring Word
“When Paul told Titus to look for men to lead God’s work in the many cities and churches on the island of Crete, he told Titus to look for something very special: character.”

“Leviticus in The New York Times: What’s the Real Story Here?”Albert Mohler
“Even in this secular age, the conscience of Western civilization continues to be haunted and shaped by the Bible. The inherited moral tradition of the West was explicitly formed by the Bible — both the Old and New Testaments — and the moral power of the Bible continues as the main source of the principles, intuitions, impulses, and vocabulary of modern times.”

“The Hedonic Treadmill”The Guardian
“You want something because you think it’ll make you happy, and maybe it does, briefly. But then the new thing loses its shine and you revert to your earlier, less happy state. This is the “hedonic treadmill”, and we all seem to be trapped on it. It doesn’t just apply to material wealth, but that’s where it’s most obvious: in Britain, we’re three times richer than we were in 1950, but barely any happier. So when I heard that a psychology professor at the University of Miami might have discovered some methods for getting off the treadmill, I had to know more.”

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