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“The Thailand Cave Rescue Shows Why Men Are Necessary”The Federalist
“When the SEALs rescued the stranded group, Thailand and the rest of the world applauded. The SEALs have earned this recognition. The rescue seemed to many to be nearly impossible. Anyone who can observe the terrain the SEALs faced and understand even the basics of the mission realizes the task took courage, selflessness, and skill. Yet to hear feminists talk, especially here in the United States, men are not only expendable but unnecessary. Even for such a time as this?”

“Letter to an Aspiring Theologian:How to Speak of God Truly”First Things
“Theology is the study of how to speak truly of God and of all things in relation to God. But theologians can’t approach the object of their study the way biologists study living creatures or geologists the earth. God cannot be empirically examined. God is the creator of all things, not to be identified with any part of the universe or even with the universe as a whole.”

CGN Mission & Methods Podcast: Women in Church
“What does the Bible say about women in church leadership? In this episode, listen to Dr. Gerry Breshears on pursuing biblical faithfulness and humility in developing your understanding and ministry practice on this timely issue.”

“Expositors Collective Podcast”Expositors Collective
“Interviews and messages designed to help you understand, apply and teach the Bible with power and clarity to this generation.”

“The Social Media Mob is a Danger to Society”The Washington Post
“Columnists on the right and the left have known for years about the ferocious blowback that awaits the expression of unpopular ideas. But now the definition of “unpopular” has expanded so widely that reasonable views that might have seemed mainstream just a few years ago can be deemed unacceptable by self-appointed censors. Even publications that pride themselves on holding open-minded values are watching their backs.”

“Can Atheism Explain Moral ‘Oughtness’?”Sean McDowell
“Are there objective moral truths? This question has major ramifications depending on how you answer it, because it ultimately asks, “DOES GOD EXIST?” We can see the connection through examining the Moral Argument:

1 – If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist.

2 – Objective moral values and duties exist.

3 – Therefore, God exists.”

“Lloyd-Jones on Racism and the Gospel”Alliance
“D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who I have never heard anyone describe as a Marxist, gospel-compromising, SJW, preached a sermon on John 4:13-14 titled, ‘Spiritual Dullness and Evasive Tactics,’ in which he brought up the issue of racism.”

“Sir Colin Humphreys: The Cambridge scientist making sense of Old Testament miracles”Premier Christian Radio
“Sir Colin Humphreys was knighted in 2010 for his services to science. The Cambridge scientist tells Justin Brierley about his Christian faith, how he reconciles science and faith and his intriguing work looking at the scientific explanations for Old Testament events including the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus and the sun ‘standing still’ in Joshua.”

“What I Wasn’t Ready for in Pastoral Ministry”The Gospel Coailtion
“Young pastors today are often cool, impressive, and popular. But the pastoral ministry that has borne eternal fruit down through the centuries has been something deeper, grander and more resilient. The apostle Paul expressed it when he wrote, “I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake” (Col. 1:24). Paul was not cool. He had something better. Into his pastoral ministry flowed two divine powers: suffering and rejoicing.”

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