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Archives available from the 2018 CGN Pastors & Leaders Conference

“What Does Prayer Actually Do?”Ray Bentley
“How often when you pray, does that nagging little doubt worm its way into your thoughts? Is anyone really listening? Do these prayers matter? Will they change a thing?”

“Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?”Solas
“Religion is the main cause of wars, isn’t it? Some atheists certainly claim so. “Look at Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, ISIS, 911!” they say. In episode 34 of SHORT/ANSWERS, Andy Bannister asks whether it’s true or not and explores an alternative solution that could get to the real heart of the problem.”

“Progressives Deploy Religious Ignorance and Bigotry to Stop Amy Coney Barrett.”National Review
“Efforts to block the highly qualified Barrett from the Supreme Court because of her faith betray our nation’s founding ideals.”

“Tim Keller’s Witness at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast”The Gospel Coalition
“Tim Keller recently provided a masterclass in gracious apologetics when he spoke at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast in the Houses of Parliament in London. His address—’What Can Christianity Offer Our Society in the 21st Century?’—ought to be watched by pastors, lobbyists, and church members alike, as it will equip them with fresh arguments and models how to speak well of Christ.”

“From Russia, with Equal Love”The WeeFlea
“Our corporate capitalists and public institutions seems obsessed with only one issue. (I note the common complaint that people make – why are you/the church so obsessed with this issue? The answer is that I am not. I comment on what is happening in our society and the trends in our culture – and right now the fact is that our society seems to becoming even more transfixed with the issue of sexuality – look at the evidence…just from the past week).”

“Live Recorded Q&A with David Guzik”Enduring Word
“Lots of great questions today. I respond to questions about the best Bible books that might speak to men and women today, about dispensationalism and the kingdom, advice for interns, going through Romans 8 in a small group, OT commands on war, and more!”

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