The Link: 2018 Pastors & Leaders Conference, Paul McCartney, 3 Ways to Normalize Bible Reading & More

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Enjoy the 2018 CGN Pastors & Leaders Conference archives and recap!- CGN/

“3 Ways to Normalize Bible Reading”Daniel Im
“In my pastor’s pursuit to be exegetically sound, and to provide “meat,” depth, and insight into the Scriptures, he unintentionally made the Scriptures inaccessible to the congregation.”

“The Joyful Longing of Paul McCartney’s ‘Carpool Karaoke'”The Gospel Coalition
“But there is something about the joy of this clip—which finds McCartney singing his old hits amid his old haunts in Liverpool—that is deeper than mere diversion. It’s a joy that is intertwined with sadness, nostalgia, and the ephemeral realities of life; a joy that is satisfying because it is unsatisfying; a joy that sparks in us that ineffable sense that, however beautiful the sunset, what we truly long for lies always beyond the horizon.”

“Why Christians Should be Readers”Resources
“Christianity is a religion of the word—the written word and the spoken word. As believers, we have a special relationship with words. One of the ways we can honor and cultivate that relationship is through reading.”

“The Iranian Jew Begged Jesus to Heal His Son. ‘I Can’t Keep Quite Anymore'”One for Israel Ministry
“After leaving Iran, Jewish man Pirooz Abir found MESSIAH Jesus. When Jesus *healed* his son after a MASSIVE car crash, he knew he had to tell his family the TRUTH.”

“How Can I Trust the Bible?”Solas
“When you look at the Bible, are you tempted to think of God’s laws as unreasonable demands or gracious guidance? If we isolate the commands of God from the character of God, do we run the risk of warping our view of what the Bible is actually revealing? In episode 33 of SHORT/ANSWERS, Andy Bannister explores the difference that the context of relationship might be making to how we interpret God’s word.”

“Being Real”Back to Basics
“When it comes to our Christian witness, we do the same thing. We preach. We tell people about the Lord, we talk about the superiority of the Christian life. But do we demonstrate our words in our behavior?”

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