The Link: Note by Charles Krauthammer, Banning the Bible in NHS, Clarence Thomas & More

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“A Note to Readers”The Washington Post
Very sad to hear of political columnist, Charles Krauthammer, share this news. Our prayers go out to him and loved ones.

“We Must Clone Clarence Thomas: The Lesson of SCOTUS’ Wedding Cake Decision”The Stream
“If the government can stifle free speech, or commerce, or association, because allowing it might “embarrass” people, we truly are lost. America will have abandoned the Anglo-American tradition of liberty going back to the Magna Carta. Instead, we’ll be stuck with a Progressive nanny state that corrals, punishes, and even imprisons dissenters…Nothing against Justice Gorsuch, but it’s clear we need to stuff the court with many more people who think like Justice Thomas.”

“Can the Bible Have Errors But Still Be Infallible?”Defending Inerrancy
“These critics deny verbal inspiration which the Scriptures claim for themselves (2 Tim. 3:16) and opt for a so-called “dynamic” view of inspired authors whose message they believe has never failed to transform its readers. Roger Olsen claims, for example, that while the biblical record has errors, nevertheless, it is “perfect with respect to purpose” which is never failing in its transforming power.”

“Banning the Bible in the NHS”TheWeeFlea
“At first glance it just appears like a minor spat that is hardly newsworthy at all. But the story and how it is reported is revealing of the current state of the culture and the church in the UK. The basic facts are that Gideon bibles were due to be placed in every room in the new state of the art Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. But one person complained that this was giving Christianity preferential treatment and therefore should be stopped.”

“Sweeping Gene Survey Reveals New Facets of Evolution”
“Who would have suspected that a handheld genetic test used to unmask sushi bars pawning off tilapia for tuna could deliver deep insights into evolution, including how new species emerge?”

“King’s Cross Church Congregation Jumps from 40-500”BBC News
“The number of worshippers regularly attending Church of England services is declining year on year. But one Anglican Church in central London has had to find a new building because of its fast-growing popularity. Since it opened in 2010, the congregation at King’s Cross Church has jumped from 40 to 500 – and the average age of worshippers there is just 28.”

“Worship Leader Michael Ketterer Blew Away the Judges on ‘America’s Got Talent’”Relevant Magazine
“You may recognize the voice of Michael Ketterer—he’s released several worship albums over the years—but, he was a new name to Simon Cowell and the judges on America’s Got Talent. He’s also a pediatric mental health nurse and the father to six children, five of whom were adopted from foster care. His performance this week brought the crowd—and the judges—to their feet.”

“Much Ado About Martian Organics”Evolution News
“The news from NASA today, undeniably of some mild interest, is being overblown. If extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, that bar has most certainly not been met here.”

“The Necessity of Applying the Gospel to My Own Heart”
“Sometimes it’s easier to be busy than to pull weeds, like it’s easier to be busy about ministry than applying the Gospel to my own heart.”

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