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“It Just Blew the Place Up!”Sky News
“‘It just blew the place open!’ – Passionate preacher Bishop Michael Curry and Archbishop Justin Welby talk about THAT sermon, and about speaking to the newly weds after the #RoyalWedding”

“5 Steps Toward the Death of a Movement of God”Ed Taylor
“As much as we would like to see the opposite, movements of God among men don’t last forever, unfortunately. There seems to be a predictable pattern of God moving in wonderful miraculous ways and then over time the movement dies out and a new fresh work of God starts in another group of men and women. Church historians use the word ‘revival’ to describe these fresh works of God and how exciting they are! Over the years there have been many revivals and many movements of God that have faded away and left the simplicity and truth of the gospel.”

“Erdogan: ‘Time for Us to Take a Physical stance on Israel”The Jerusalem Post
“In a wide-ranging speech, Erdogan encouraged Muslim unity as a force to defeat the ‘occupation of Jerusalem, the violation of the rights of the folks in Palestine.'”

“I Said Israel Should Be Ashamed – Now I Am the One Who is Ashamed”The JC
“On Tuesday Daniel Sugarman wrote an article on the clashes at the Gaza border. Today he acknowledges that he was wrong.”

“Tim Keller Q&A: Wisdom for Modern Ministry”– Facts & Trends
“In 2017, Tim Keller announced he was stepping down as pastor of New York’s Redeemer Church to pursue his next mission in life—church planting and training church planters. If anyone thought Tim Keller would retire and move to Florida, they clearly don’t know him well. He’s a man on a mission.”

“Where in the Bible Does Jesus Actually Say He is God?”Zacharias Trust
“Did Jesus ever say he was God? One question regularly posed by sceptics is where in the Bible does Jesus actually say he is God? Fascinating insights into Jesus’ claims to be God in this exploration of the good shepherd by our International Director Michael Ramsden.”

“Why Andy Stanley Thinks His Sermon Critics Should Be More Curious”Relevant Magazine
“The soundbite version of a recent Andy Stanley sermon caused a stir on Twitter recently, garnering criticism as a “theological trainwreck” by some and as heresy by others…RELEVANT talked with Andy to clarify his position. The conversation yielded some food for thought on adding curiosity to criticism, looking for context and having a healthy dialogue about ideas.”

“Dawkins and the God Question”The Gospel Coalition
“Dawkins treated us to a satirical reading from his Science in the Soul book. In the passage, Dawkins substitutes belief in God for belief in Thor, thus demonstrating how absurd the claims of theologians and believers look when applied to a god in which they do not believe. It was amusing. As a parlour game, it works well. As a serious argument it does not.”

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