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“It’s Time to End the Stupid About the End Times: Debunking Christian Numerology”Christianity Today
“Self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David Meade is at it again. This time, though, he’s saying that the world is going to end on April 23rd. It’s on the front page of the USAToday and the Drudge Report right now.”

“Why Did Jesus Have to Die?”Solas
“You’ve heard that Jesus died. The question is why? Why does it matter? Why does it make a difference? Following on from the last episode Andy Bannister explains more in this episode 32 of SHORT/ANSWERS.”

“Israel Folau– Heretic or Hero?”The WeeFlea
“Israel Folau is the new Jonah Lomu – a rugby player with an ability that marks him out from his team mates. He is the key figure in the Australian rugby team, the Wallabies. But he is under increasing pressure after having committed the unforgiveable sin – questioning the current absolutist morality of Western liberalism.”

“Evangelism for the Introvert”
“It’s safe to say that evangelism is on the Lord’s heart. When we pray, “May your kingdom come,” I believe the Lord wants to impress it on our hearts. Yet in practice, it’s not always easy, especially for those of us who have trouble talking to people they don’t know. That can be an obstacle, but the desire to seek the lost is real for even the shyest of introverts. This is what inspired me to share the story of Jacques Guggenheim: a Jewish man who grew up in the shadow of Nazi Germany and became an evangelist to the Jewish community in Paris.”

“3 Reasons Why Christians Should be Evidential Investigators Instead of Experience Junkies”Alisa Childers
“Two men. Both grew up in Christian homes in suburban America. Both have famous Evangelical fathers. Both made personal decisions for Christ and became actively involved and well-known in ministry. One walked away from his faith and became a secular humanist. The other has become one of the top apologists and defenders of the Christian faith. Who are these two men? The first is Bart Campolo, son of evangelist and author Tony Campolo, and the other is Sean McDowell, son of evangelist and author Josh McDowell.”

“Walking Epistles”Greg Laurie
“If you’re a believer, then you are a representative of Christ. You may be the only Christian some people ever will know. It’s been said that Christians are walking epistles, written by God and read by men. You may be the only Bible that some people ever read.”

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