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“Rick Warren Says Revival Won’t Come Until the Church Adresses Racism”Relevant Magazine“He [Warren] says that the Third Great Awakening that America needs won’t come without repentance and unity.”

“Q&A: Tuim Chaddick”Premier Youth & Children’s Work
“Tim Chaddick and his wife Lindsey moved to the UK from California with their three daughters to set up Reality Church London. Editor Ruth Jackson spoke to Tim about family life, church planting and evangelism.”

“True for You but Not for Me”Solas
“Ever had someone say to you, “That may be true for you but it’s not true for me?” In episode 29 of Short/Answers, Andy Bannister explores the problems with the idea that truth is relative and wonders what Jesus had to say on the subject.”

“Joshua’s Little Spoken of Preparation (Podcast)”
“It is easy to think God shoves His people into the deep end without any training or preparation. He does, after all, use the weak things of the world to put to shame the mighty, the foolish to confound the wise. But even in the moments when God takes us way outside our comfort zone, we know that He also prepares us for that moment.”

“Kathy Gilbert//From Hitch-Hiking Hippie to Jesus Freak//Joseph Steinberg: How I Came to Believe Jesus is the Messiah”Premier Christian Radio
“Kathy Gilbert was a drifter searching for meaning in the USA’s hippie scene through drugs and new age beliefs. She tells Justin Brierley how she met God. In the second part of today’s show, Sam Hailes meets Joseph Steinberg – chief executive of Christian Witness to Israel.”

“How We Got the Bible Course Available at Veritas University”Veritas International University
“Join us for VIU’s April Module Course TH530 Bibliology: How We Got Our Bible with Dr. Joseph Holden…This course will discuss the divine inspiration, collecting of Scripture (canon), transmission, translation, and the reliability of the Christian Scriptures. Register today!”

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