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“TTMS3E01: Operation World & the State of Modern Missions with Brian Brodersen & Patrick Johnstone”
“Welcome to season three of Things That Matter. We pray that you are encouraged as we start a new topic-driven season. We begin our first episode with Pastor Brian Brodersen interviewing Patrick Johnstone. Patrick is the author of Operation World, which is a compilation of data on missions from around the globe. This book provides valuable information as a reference and guide for prayer. Patrick expounds on the origin of Operation World and provides a missional-focused presentation of modern Christianity and modern missions. He says, ‘The only ministry left to us to make an impact is to deeply influence a handful of people to become effective leaders in their own culture.'”

“Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Victims Support”National Christian Foundation
We are so saddened by the school mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. We continue to pray for the victims, the victims’ families and the community.

“Crafting the Sermon”Enduring Word
“The team at has posted a 4 minute video where I speak taking what we have gained in our study and delivering it to those to whom we preach or teach. I think it’s worth your time.”– David Guzik

“Jackie Hill-Perry on Poetry and Rap”The Gospel Coalition
“Jackie Hill-Perry describes how music and poetry can display the glory of God in unique and effective ways.”

“A Tale of Two Worldviews”World
“There can be no doubt that race relations in America have deteriorated in recent years…The basic worldview assumptions that animated the civil rights movement—assumptions that led to incredibly positive changes, are slowly being replaced by an entirely new set of worldview assumptions…Martin Luther King Jr. gave voice to the older worldview. The new worldview has many champions, but perhaps none as influential as author and essayist Ta-Nehisi Coates.”

“Three Principles in Pursuing God”
“How do you have a decent quiet time? What does one do? And most importantly, why even do it? I want to tell you about three main activities we can do to pursue God. You need all of them.”– Rob Dingman

“New Harvard Christian Research Says U.S. Christianity is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger”The Federalist
“Is churchgoing and religious adherence really in ‘widespread decline’ so much so that conservative believers should suffer ‘growing anxiety’? Absolutely not.”

“Why Transgenderism is a Problem for Secularism”The Gospel Coalition
“Materialism and transgenderism cannot ultimately coexist within secularism. We’ve grown used to thinking about a culture war being fought between Christians and secularists, but the culture war now underway is within secularism itself. It’s hard to predict who will win, but the West won’t look the same when the war is over.”

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