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“Great Leaders Have Good Friends”
“Everyone needs friends. If you’re a leader of any kind, you especially need friends. You might feel tempted to avoid friendship but don’t. You might be a natural born leader, but sometimes you need to turn off the leading and be a friend.”

“The Champion Surfer Who Found God and Opened a Church in Co Clare”Irish Examiner
“Searching for meaning in his life, champion surfer John McCarthy found God and opened a church, writes Brendan Daly.”

“Internet Proverbs: had Solomon Been a Millennial”Jennifer Greenberg
Enjoy this piece as writer Jennifer Greenberg presents a passage of proverbs by King Solomon if he had been living as a millennial today.

“How Evangelicals Took Over the Church of England”Premier Christianity
“From Justin Welby to the HTB effect, evangelical influence on the Church of England has grown dramatically. But not everyone is pleased, and sexuality still threatens to split the denomination”

“Who Are the ‘Broken Wolves’ in the Evangelical Community Today”– Eternal Perspective Ministries
“In his groundbreaking article I shared on my blog earlier this year, Joe Carter communicated something that has been heavy on my heart concerning the different nature of the heretics the church is facing today. He used the term ‘Broken Wolves,’ which he defined as those ‘who use their own authenticity, pain, and brokenness to attract believers who are also suffering and broken.’”

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