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“Resources and Prayer for Las Vegas”
In light of recents events, we have compiled information and resources that we hope may serve as helpful and encouraging during this time.

“Is Christianity Dying?”Patreon
“It seems that scarcely a week goes by without there being some report appearing in the media somewhere that Christianity, especially in the UK but also in the West in general, is dying and that the Church is on the slippery slope to absolute irrelevancy. Andy Bannister explores if it is true in episode 23 of Short/Answers.”

“The Problem of Evil and Suffering in Las Vegas and Elsewhere”Eternal Perspective Ministries“Words are sadly inadequate as a response to all the recent natural disasters, and this [past] week we had to face the added dimension of human evil in the Las Vegas murders. This isn’t the first time, and won’t be the last, that we who are Jesus-followers either ask or are asked by others, ‘How can a good and loving God allow such tragedies?’”

“We Packed and Went”Enduring Word
“Luke traveled with Paul, indicated by the use of “we” in this sentence. In writing about this part of the trip Luke said something small, yet in my mind significant. He noted, “we packed.” This is noticeable because this was the end of a long journey, yet Luke never before noted that they packed.”

“Youths Make Joke About Time Keller’s Baldness, Immediately Mauled by Bears”Babylon Bee
“NEW YORK, NY—NYPD detectives are reportedly investigating an attack on a large band of youths who allegedly insulted pastor and author Timothy Keller, making a quip about his baldness before being mauled by two large bears.”

“Things That Matter: David Zamora, from Gang Life to Life with Christ”–
On this episode of Things That Matter, Pastor David Zamora shares about the growth of Calvary Chapel Living Way in Fontana, CA. Using his background in gang culture and incarceration in prison, Pastor David discusses with Pastor Brian Brodersen how imperative practical connections with the local community has brought amazing opportunities for God to reach many people. From gang member and drug addict, to pastor, chaplain and administrative board for Christian Community College, Pastor David closes by presenting the proof of God’s redemptive work that nothing is impossible with God. Also, check out The Neighborhood film Pastor David is featured in!

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Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel

Beginning in 1965 in Southern California, this fellowship of churches grew out of Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

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